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Website last mini-update Mar 5, 2014

The main goal of our website is to inform the public about all velomobiles, not just the ones we sell. We want more people riding velomobiles, as we believe that a general growth of the use of velomobiles can only benefit everyone in the end.

The reasons to ride a velomobile can include a desire to better one's health, or minimizing the use of automobiles (and shrinking the demand for oil), but I like to ride because I usually find it the most pleasant way to get around.

Our company mission is to provide high quality, safe, and durable velomobiles at low cost to customers in the U.S. so they can experience this remarkable type of vehicle for themselves.

Currently, we manufacture and sell the:
VelomobileUSA "FAW+" (available either assembled, or in kit form).

We are also a dealer for the:
BlueVelo "Quest" (assembled only),
BlueVelo "Strada" (assembled only),
BlueVelo "Quest XS" (assembled only).

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