Our Flevo Alleweder+ is a much-updated and improved model of the famous Flevo Alleweder built as kits in the Netherlands in the 1990's. Alleweder is Dutch for all-weather. About 500 FAW's are still in use in Europe, mostly in the Netherlands. It is a tadpole trike - two 20" wheels in front, one 20" wheel in the rear of monocoque structure with full suspension, front wheel steering, and drum brakes. Using all aluminum construction similar to an aircraft fuselage, with stainless steel hardware, the FAW+ is expected to last for many years. They are a well-proven design for a versatile human-powered transportation vehicle. They are great for doing errands, shopping trips, commuting, recreational rides, or camping tours.

The external body sheets are about as strong as an auto fender. The seat is low enough that stability in turns is excellent. It is more visible than a bicycle or motorcycle, and has an excellent safety record. It is easy and inexpensive to repair if damaged, since the rivets of body panels can simply be drilled out and new panels installed.

The older models are resold or traded in for newer and more expensive velomobiles in the Netherlands. Yet one customer who already had an expensive European velomobile prefers the lightweight, responsive ride of his FAW+ to that of his other vehicle.

It has good aerodynamics and rolls very easily. These VM's are raced in the Netherlands. The parking brake must be applied when empty because if there is any slope at all it will simply roll away downhill. It is narrow enough to fit through doors so can be taken inside.

With a fabric cockpit cover it provides a high degree of weather protection. You can be comfortable in it in temperatures well below freezing, or in high temperature conditions with extremely hot sun. It protects your body from cold, and leaves hardly any part of you body for the sun to shine on. Only your face and neck are exposed. If you protect them you can have little concern about sunburn. It is as suitable for short errands as for journeys of hundreds of miles.

It has considerable baggage capacity. It can carry a weeks worth of groceries home from the supermarket, or enough clothing, camping gear, food, and water for quite a long journey. In the Netherlands it is common to do weekend camping tours in large groups - 60 to 100 of velomobiles.

To accomplish our mission we offer the FAW+ as either a kit or a finished vehicle. Beyond the basic AW velomobile we offer accessories such as cockpit covers and lighting kits. The specifications of our standard kit are given below. Customers may specify components different from those on the standard vehicle as optional at additional cost. We require a 50% deposit on the total value of the FAW+ and accessories upon placing your order. We are working to increase our production rate.

For customers that desire hands-on testing we recommend that you fly or drive to Midland, TX for a 1-1/2 to 2 day visit. Midland International Airport is located only 15 min. away, and we are served by American, Southwest, and United airlines. That way you can try out our velomobiles, meet us, check out our shop, and get all your questions answered in person. We welcome your visit, and only ask that you make an appointment and let us know your schedule before coming.


Kit$ 4,795
Assembled$ 6,995
Price: at factory door in Midland, TX

Standard Features

Full suspension
Sturmey Archer 70mm drum brakes
Jagwire Ripcord brake cable housing
Single Chainring front crank - 52T
SRAM Dual-Drive 3x9 speed gearing - w/ 11-32 cassette
SRAM 3x9 Grip Shifter
Drive system partially isolated from the elements
Monocoque design
Body is constructed entirely in aluminum for easier assembly and repair.
Schwalbe Kojak - fr. / Schwalbe Marathon Plus - rear
Left Side Rear-view mirror
Sigma 1609 cycle computer - or VDO cycle computer

Available options:

All prices mentioned on this page are for your approximation use only. Materials/supplies prices have recently experienced wide fluctuations and therefore our final prices will reflect our costs. The current prices can only be obtained via our updated order form.

Basic LED Lighting Kit - control panel with 12V running/tail/and brake lights plus turn signals and extra switches $225
High-Intensity Luxeon LED Lighting Kit - control panel with 12V running/tail/brake/and interior lights plus turn signals and extra switches $450
Basic Battery and Smart Charger - 12 v 3300 mAh NMh battery pack with smart charger, fuse block and fuses $85
Advanced Battery and Smart Charger - a much lighter 12 v 3200 mAh LiPo battery pack with smart charger, fuse block and fuses $200
VoltWatch Battery Monitor $20
Headlight - B&M Lumotec IQ Cyo LED $85
Power Assist - BionX system - 350 W - w/36V Li-Ion battery. Basic model - other options available, see Electricbikereview.com $1,995
Power Assist - Thru-crankset - 500 W - 24 v DC Motor/gearbox/throttle w/ battery $1,500
Electric Horn 12V - as addition to basic/advanced light kit $75
Windshield - w/installation extra $40 $40
Nose Cone - Standard - red, part of kit; replacement $220
Cockpit Cover, zippered - red $175
Right Side Rear-view mirror $30
Wheel Cover - w/mounting clips, lightweight fiberglass rod stiffener, and cloth cover (1 side/piece) $30
Brake upgrade - 90mm Sturmey Archer Drums  $80
Flevobike Roof - requires optional Headrest Fairing $365
Headrest Fairing $150

Allweder a2 plan drawing

Some specifications may be subject to change, please confirm at time of order
Updated: Mar-5-2014


Technical Details

The Flevo Alleweder (FAW) is an unusual velomobile. It is backed by more than 550 units sold, largely as kits for the user to construct, in the U.S. and Europe. It is tried and true. And the new U.S. FAW+ version is a marked improvement over the original Dutch version. It can be used for recreation, commuting, shopping, and even racing. It can carry a week's groceries home from the supermarket, or camping gear for a week vacation trip. Being inside, the baggage has no effect on the aerodynamics, as it would on a touring bike, and is not visible from the outside, which helps protect the contents from theft.
Whereas in the original design the front and rear sections of the velo started out separate, now the bottom plate is continuous from front to back. This makes assembly much simpler and more accurate, removing guesswork. The side channels are continuous and strengthened all the way forward to the main spar, removing stresses from the wheel wells. This eliminates the fatigue cracks that often developed at weak points in original Dutch version.
The front bulkhead has four flanged access holes. This removes 113 gm of aluminum, makes the plate a lot stronger, and provides easy and convenient access to the cranks and pedals with the simple removal of the nose cone. The drive train can be easily adjusted with the velo in the normal vertical position, eliminating problems that arise when the velo is leaned on its side for chain access, where inevitably the chain falls off the rear derailleur or the chainring and it is nearly impossible to adjust. So all drive train adjustments, cleaning, and lubrication can be done with the velo in normal position.
Another major upgrade is that the old, mild steel rear fork has been replaced with a lighter chrome-moly steel unit. This new rear fork weighs only 700 gm, about 59% as much as the old one. Also we powder-coat it for corrosion resistance and attractiveness.
Unlike many inexpensive velomobiles, VMUSA uses only top quality stainless steel hardware. Even the strut mounts are stainless steel. This is expensive but guarantees long life and resistance to corrosion. You won't have to contend with corroded nuts and bolts with the FAW+.
In the original design the cockpit side plates started at the armrests and wrapped around to overlap the bottom plate, one from each side. The overlapping added weight but not strength. In the FAW+ design the cockpit side plates are drilled to fit the bottom plate, making construction easy. You just attach them to the bottom plate and wrap them up both sides until they reach the armrests. This greatly simplifies construction, and reduces weight..
By the way, with our aluminum monocoque construction the body does not need a steel frame, and resembles the fuselage of a small airplane. This level of stiffness cannot be achieved by attaching a thin shell to a trike. Since it is constructed of standard aluminum panels riveted together, any panel can be removed and replaced by the builder with very little expense. This is not true for fiberglass or carbon fiber velos that can cost $800 to $1200 to repair if crashed, and be out of commission for weeks or months. This is a major advantage in durability and reliability for the riveted aluminum construction. Another advantage is that the weight of the FAW+ is only about 70 lb, about 25% of which is due to the suspension struts. But when you can go fast in a velo, you really need suspension to avoid your body being bashed by unseen potholes and bumps. So being able to go really fast without suspension is not a good choice.
With the cockpit cover you can be cozy inside but still see traffic clearly without fogging up a windscreen. When pedaling, your body will generate heat, but you don't have wind chill, so you can ride in freezing weather with very light clothing. Be sure to have a jacket along, however, since you will get cold when you stop and get out!
We offer an advanced electrical system with harnesses already wired that can just be installed and plugged in. This system includes the turn signal units in a special holder that utilizes the super bright amber LEDs used on the Quest, which are visible night and day and have essentially no effect on aero drag.
There are many advantages to building your velo from a kit. You can use a high level of craftsmanship and end up with a thing of beauty that will have a good resale value when you are done with it. You will understand it completely, so be able to do the little maintenance it needs yourself. You will be able to check the alignment yourself. You will know where everything is. If you crash it, you will be able to drill out the rivets on damaged plates, order new parts or transfer from the old sheet to new, and thus repair any damage at low cost. This velo is likely to last a very long time. If you take good care of it, it will still look like new years from now. Aluminum is very durable, and can be polished to a brilliant shine, or painted. You can apply decals or vinyl overlays to decorate it any way you like. Ride and enjoy!