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NOTICE: We have velos in-house ready for demos! In addition to a couple of Quests, we have one original FAW and one power-assisted FAW+ that are ready to test at any time.

Our Flevo Alleweder+ is a much-updated and improved model of the famous Flevo Alleweder built as kits in the Netherlands in the 1990's. Alleweder is Dutch for all-weather. About 500 FAW's are still in use in Europe, mostly in the Netherlands. It is a tadpole trike (two 20" wheels in front, one 20" wheel in the rear) of monocoque structure with full suspension, front wheel steering, and drum brakes. Using all aluminum construction similar to an aircraft fuselage, with stainless steel hardware, the FAW+ is expected to last for many years. They are a well-proven design for a versatile human-powered transportation vehicle. They are great for doing errands, shopping trips, commuting, recreational rides, or camping tours.

The external body sheets are about as strong as an auto fender. The seat is low enough that stability in turns is excellent. It is more visible than a bicycle or motorcycle, and has an excellent safety record. It is easy and inexpensive to repair if damaged, since the rivets of body panels can simply be drilled out and new panels installed.

The older models are resold or traded in for newer and more expensive velomobiles in the Netherlands. Yet one customer who already had an expensive European velomobile prefers the lightweight, responsive ride of his FAW+ to that of his other vehicle.

It has good aerodynamics and rolls very easily. These VM's are raced in the Netherlands. The parking brake must be applied when empty because if there is any slope at all it will simply roll away downhill. It is narrow enough to fit through doors so can be taken inside.

With a fabric cockpit cover it provides a high degree of weather protection. You can be comfortable in it in temperatures well below freezing, or in high temperature conditions with extremely hot sun. It protects your body from cold, and leaves hardly any part of you body for the sun to shine on. Only your face and neck are exposed. If you protect them you can have little concern about sunburn. It is as suitable for short errands as for journeys of hundreds of miles.

It has considerable baggage capacity. It can carry a weeks worth of groceries home from the supermarket, or enough clothing, camping gear, food, and water for quite a long journey. In the Netherlands it is common to do weekend camping tours in large groups (60 to 100) of velomobiles.

To accomplish our mission we offer the FAW+ as either a kit or a finished vehicle. Beyond the basic AW velomobile we offer accessories such as cockpit covers and lighting kits. The specifications of our standard kit are given below. Customers may specify components different from those on the standard vehicle as optional at additional cost. We require a 50% deposit on the total value of the FAW+ and accessories upon placing your order. We are working to increase our production rate.

For customers that desire hands-on testing we recommend that you fly or drive to Midland, TX for a 1-1/2 to 2 day visit. Midland International Airport is located only 15 min. away, and we are served by American, Southwest, and United airlines. That way you can try out our velomobiles, meet us, check out our shop, and get all your questions answered in person. We welcome your visit, and only ask that you make an appointment and let us know your schedule before coming.

Base Prices

(at factory door in Midland, TX)

FAW+ $4,795 (kit)

FAW+ $6,995 (assembled)


Standard Features: 


Available options:

All prices mentioned on this page are for your approximation use only. Materials/supplies prices have recently experienced wide fluctuations and therefore our final prices will reflect our costs. The current prices can only be obtained via our updated order form.


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Some specifications may be subject to change, please confirm at time of order
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