Advantages of a velomobile

Weather protection

Being protected from the weather not only gives you a more comfortable ride, it allows you to ride year round and to make more mileage. Light freezing conditions are no problem at all, even -10° C is doable for most people. Under hot circumstances, the velomobile still allows for plenty of ventilation and protects a big part of your body from the sun.

Low maintenance

The body of the velomobile protects many parts from corrosion. Many models have the drivetrain completely protected, resulting in very little wear.


The recumbent position results in very little stress on posterior, back, shoulders, arms and wrists. The work is done by your legs, the rest of your body doesn't suffer from fatigue.


At the same level of effort, they are much faster than an ordinary bicycle and at the same time, they require less effort for a reasonable speed. This results in a much bigger range in which the high comfort level also plays a role.


When used for commuting in stead of a car, you save considerable costs. Not only car costs, but you also get to work out for free. Combining workout and commute is a serious time saver!


And, of course when you are an environmentalist, you should put your money where your mouth is. The greenest car can't compete with a velomobile when you are talking about single occupancy, no heavy luggage and distances up to 20-40 km

Calculate your payback period

Starting from the idea that using a velomobile avoids the costs you would otherwise make using a car, you can calculate your 'earnings' and the period of time it takes to earn back the investment in your velomobile. It's a safe guess that under normal use a velomobile will last at least 70.000 miles. So you can also calculate below how many miles you have 'for free' after the payback period.
Acquisition costs
Car costs / mile
Velomobile miles per year
Velomobile maintenance per year
Earnings per year
Payback period (years)
Mileage at Payback period