Models and Producers

Notice: We have velos in-house ready for demos! In addition to a couple of Quests, we have one original FAW and one power-assisted FAW+ that are ready to test at any time.

Model/Producer Description
Velomobile USA
Our Flevo Alleweder+ is a much-updated and improved model of the famous Flevo Alleweder built as kits in the Netherlands in the 1990's. Alleweder is Dutch for all-weather. About 500 FAW's are still in use in Europe, mostly in the Netherlands. It is a tadpole trike (two 20" wheels in front, one 20" wheel in the rear) of monocoque structure with full suspension, front wheel steering, and drum brakes. Using all aluminum construction similar to an aircraft fuselage, with stainless steel hardware, the FAW+ is expected to last for many years. They are a well-proven design for a versatile human-powered transportation vehicle. They are great for doing errands, shopping trips, commuting, recreational rides, or camping tours. Read more..
The Quest is the most succesful model of It was one of the first 'modern' velomobiles. Aerodynamically optimized in the windtunnel, designed by cyclists for cyclists. It has been succesful over the years thanks to continuous improvements from daily practical experience. It has been succesful in racing, but most people appreciate the Quest for it's reliability and comfort for daily commuting and touring. In short, with a Quest you can't go wrong. It provides full suspension, reliable low maintenance drum brakes, protected low maintenance drivetrain, one-sided attachment of wheels give you easy tire change. Read more..
Quest XS
The Quest XS is the slightly smaller version of the Quest. It is designed for people up to ca 180 cm (5' 10") that are somewhat narrower in hips and shoulders.. Read more..
The Strada is identical to the Quest in all but a few things. It's shorter, making it easier to find a place for. It has open wheel boxes and that is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Let's start with the advantage. Open wheel boxes allow the Strada to have a wider track and that means a better cornering behavior, faster and more stable cornering. A second advantage is that the Strada can accommodate a wider range of tires, especially wide tires that give low rolling resistance and a high level of comfort. And not unimportant, the turning radius is narrower.
Then the disadvantage, the open wheelboxes come at a loss in aerodynamics. This starts to play a role at speeds above 35-38 km/h. Which advantage or disadvantage is more important is hard to say and depends on personal taste and circumstances. Read more..
The QuattroVelo is the newest development at In 2016 the first QuattroVelo's have become available for the public. It's the first commercially produced 4-wheeler. It is backed by the vast experience of and designer Allert Jacobs. Although the QuattroVelo wasn't designed primarily for speed, it is probably still pretty fast. Main advantages are cornering behavior and luggage space. Four wheels in stead of three add significantly to the stability. The two rear wheel also allow extra storage and even the possibility to bring a small child along, comfortably and safe. Read more..

Designed and produced by, the DF represents a team effort by two of the most successful racers in velomobile history, Daniel Fenn and Ymte Sijbrandij. It is therefore not surprising that it changes the landscape and offers the ultimate in street-rideable performance. Looking to get the maximum benefit for your power output? This is the bike for you. Read more..

The models above are the ones that we recommend. The FAW+ can be ordered at VelomobileUSA directly. Of course there are many more models around the world. The site maintains an excellent list of what is available.